Although it was widely publicized and it entered into the traditional debates occasioned by the annual anniversary of the Revolution of 1989, Ceauşescu’s trial – never investigated by the Romanian justice – is a landmark in the transition of the Romanian society towards the rule of law.



2005, Crossroad, three channel video installation, video, PAL, duration: 2' 32'' each, (loop), color, stereo sound, no dialogues

Crossroad gathers gestures that people (from a large variety of social and cultural backgrounds and of different ages) do when passing by churches in Iasi, Romania.

Simply Surprising

2002, Simply Surprising, Gold leaf on wall, dimensions variable (commissioned by <rotor>, Graz, Austria

In 2001, Romania launched its first promotional campaign at international level with the declared scope of improving its image abroad and attracting foreign tourists.

Essential Current Affairs

2002, Essential Current Affairs, Dan Acostioaei in collaboration with Ann Wodinski, video, PAL, duration: 3'49’’ (loop)

Wearing balaclavas, a man and a woman attempt a lover's embrace. Essential Current Affair is a depiction of mutual alienation in times that could likewise be characterized as surreal.

Playing Blessed

2009, Playing Blessed, mixed media

After the fall of the communism in Romania the void of power and ideology had to be filled by an authority. Therefore many Romanians rediscovered Christian Orthodoxy, a religion strongly reconnected with the Romanian national identity leading to excessive religiousness and irrational behavior in the context of the modern European culture.




The project relies on the fact most of forms of art appreciation involve a form of pious reverence, very similar to a religious feeling. Both the act of religious faith and hope in the power of art to create reality, are intersecting to the point where both become material.

What Goes Around

2011, What Goes Around, Blu-ray video loop, 15’56”

The video enacts an image of four characters who seem to be middle-aged businessmen seated on a rotating ski lift. When they return the men futilely perform a vague blessing ritual. The film questions and comments on the cultural condition in Romania, where
moral ambiguity is no longer the exception as you move between different social spaces.

Alien Ties

2011, Alien Ties, two channel video installation                                                                                     Alien Ties I, Blu-ray video loop, 4’15” / Alien Ties II, Blu-ray video loop, 5’57”

No culture can be totally separated from the others, as all share common roots and are now infinitely intertwined in what is a rhizome (Deleuze/Guattari) of global cultures and languages in a perpetual exchange with each other.


2002, computer drawings, self-adhesive paper on wall, metal, dimension variable

DERO (Romanian Detergent) is one of the few Romanian communist era products which have survived through out the economic transition. Its original recipe and presentation have been altered to render it marketable. Aggressively promoted, it became a local commercial advertising hero, symbol of the rebirth of a familiar image through its totally reinvented content.

Bahlui by Night

2004, in collaboration with Dragos Alexandrescu, duration:12'40" (loop), color, stereo sound, no dialogues

Bahlui is the only river passing through Iasi. The video investigates ironically the journey of Bahlui from the moment it enters the city to the instant it gets out of the urban area. The night frames create a metaphysical atmosphere, transforming the gray reality one perceives at daytime into an almost unreal world.