Alien Ties

2011, Alien Ties, two channel video installation                                                                                     Alien Ties I, Blu-ray video loop, 4’15” / Alien Ties II, Blu-ray video loop, 5’57”

No culture can be totally separated from the others, as all share common roots and are now infinitely intertwined in what is a rhizome (Deleuze/Guattari) of global cultures and languages in a perpetual exchange with each other.


Alien Ties is inspired both by Augusto Boal’s concepts of invisible theatre and Thierry de Duve's reflections on art significance. The project was conceived in two stages. The first stage took place at the shores of the Lake Venice near Iasi, Romania. The second mirroring part of the project developed in the actual Venice, Italy.
Six characters dressed up identically contemplate the nature and the objects created by man.
They appear to search for criteria in order to differentiate them on the background of two very different locations which bare the same name.