Playing Blessed

2009, Playing Blessed, mixed media

After the fall of the communism in Romania the void of power and ideology had to be filled by an authority. Therefore many Romanians rediscovered Christian Orthodoxy, a religion strongly reconnected with the Romanian national identity leading to excessive religiousness and irrational behavior in the context of the modern European culture.


The conflictual situation in ‚Playing Blessed’ is an ironical reflection of the struggle to modernize Eastern European Countries despite the background of deeply rooted traditionalism. A Christian Orthodox priest blesses a series of MP4 players. These players will play the blessing ritual they have taken part in which was shot with a hidden camera.
The absurd extrinsic story of the object makes its original use a lot more awkward, playing between the real and it's double.

2009, Playing Blessed, mixed media
- MP4 player (with headphones) which has been blessed during a Christian Orthodox service
- video recording of the blessing (performed by a real Romanian Orthodox priest) played by the MP4 player itself (5'14" / color/ stereo sound/ Romanian dialogues/ English subtitles.
- blessing certificate issued by the artist serving as a statement of the work (A4 / red frame / glass)

The work was commisioned by the Royal College of Art in London – U.K. for the "ULU | contemporary art" exhibition in March 2009.